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Tough Questions

At Common Ground we don’t believe in Christ because we believe he offers the best religion. Not at all. Rather, we believe in him because we’re convinced that he towers above every other person in human history as a credible guide to Ultimate Reality. Another way of saying this, is that faith in Christ is not at odds with enquiry and reason.

We've found that when we freshly tackle the questions and difficulties we have with Christianity, we are always amazed that solid answers soon surface. In each case, Christ’s credibility is boosted. So much so that we as a community are beginning to doubt our doubts.

Here is a compilation, some written by people in Common Ground Church and most drawn from other churches and sources, in response to questions that spiritual seekers commonly ask. We hope they help you on your spiritual search. At the beginning of each of the responses to the topics, you will find a printable version of the answer.

We suggest you start with 'the big six'.

If you feel an answer is unhelpful, or if you have a new question contact sarahjane@commongroundchurch.co.za

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