Chances are, you're a self-focused individualist - like the rest of us. Our sinful nature pulls our lives inwards much like gravity pulls us downwards. And we're living in the most individualistic culture in history. One research agency said that the statement that best describes modern culture is this: 'It's up to me to get what I want from my life'. Notice the words 'me, I and my'.

But God is inviting us to live in community. It is a call so radically counter-cultural, and yet it is an invitation to life at its very best. Journey with us as explore three compelling reasons to live in community...

Eight Ideas for building community in small groups during the series

Talk 1: God's Dream (16 May 2010)
download mp3: Rigby AM
download mp3: Terran PM

Talk 2: The power of Three (23 May 2010)
download mp3: Rigby AM
download mp3: Terran PM

Talk 3: Shoulder to shoulder (30 May 2010)
download mp3: Terran AM
download mp3: Paul PM
download mp3: Rigby SOUTH
download mp3: Terran InnerCity

For church leaders (who may want to adapt these talks)...

Word doc of talk 1: God's dream
Word doc of talk 2: The power of 3
Word doc of talk 3: Shoulder to shoulder

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